Stars keep the sky in fashion

In this world of dreams

I find myself touching everything

But I still can’t touch you.


The lines of life drift away

onto the shores of depression

Sailing ships of time

Sink under the stress of living.


I lie under the sheets



Should I awake tomorrow?


We will store your face in a box


The approximate size of your face

Must be able to fit into this box

You must contact Tarzan if it is too large

We will not issue assassins

To kill you.

Our disposal policy is:

Please kill yourself

When we are satisfied you are dead

We will store your face in a box

No face will be stored without a review date

Review date must be written on your forehead

Old worn faces must not be used

The management reserves the right to refuse faces

It deems socially unacceptable

Thank you for your time.

How to meet yourself


We end the day on a dry note

Lives will change forever

Your countdown is underway

Stop trying to protect what we all lose

What is it like to be human?

Science cannot tell us

I listen to your storm

You dwarf my country

I feel affected by your presence

Will you stop by Friday?

How many measures do I have to take

To turn into you?


I was watching the news

I saw a report

That stated I was missing.





Daily News Flash


A riot mother lay bleeding

While a doctor was called out

To repair a policeman’s image.


The policeman was a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ character

Who used his face to molest young trees


A miracle on 49th Street

Means carrier bag suicides

Will be donated to charities.


Tributes paid to teenage rocket man

He’s treading the boards now

As he has inherited a drug habit


‘It is called love.’


This allows him to avoid sex charges.


He is hauntingly fragile

While being so pure at heart.


Lights, Camera, Action!


You can’t restart it

that’s the real

problem with life

When it comes to the

Lights, Camera, Action!


What if you

fluff your lines?

I mean who’s the

director anyway?

I know us

gents are always

looking for a

leading lady

But some

prefer a leading man

Some of the

things we say

Well who writes

this stuff?

Very few

of us get the

acclaim we deserve

Often being

a villain is

more fun

Still when

the credits roll

Was there

anyone left

to shed a tear?



Time after time


When science has reduced you to a DNA Code

The pointless moment can feel like a lifetime

Remember your faults are your perfections

Your tears and rejections always have a beauty

Unseen by so many.


In a world where everything will die

You can feel dead too soon

But the dead can exist for an eternity

No rush to join them.


The aimless hour

Or the minute crushed with meaning

Each so important

To live a life


Live you will

Live you must


For in time after time

Even eternity will end