Stranded and alone


The town falls asleep

Quiet hours revel

like the darkness outside.


The darkness in my head

Competing for my life

I feel little

I feel nothing.


The town falls asleep

Quiet hours dream

With the sleeping people.


In my head,

I feel so stranded and alone.



Nothing to lose when all is lost


I have forgiven myself

No saint or sinner

I am drenched in self-doubt

Hopeless is my everyday direction


But sometimes I am new

Born and raised in triumph

all the world is mine

If I could hold it.


The days are weeks in disguise

I am a reflection of all my memories

In thought I am ready

To conquer my fears


I have nothing to lose

When all is lost.

The Final Curtain


Born in a time, not of your choosing

Parents not selected

or sex, or colour of skin

or eyes.


Name given to you

and you will

become your family

and background.


But your friends

liked you and even

when they disappointed you

It only hurt because they were friends


You grew with time and

you got new

friends as old feelings died

a school and job added to your existence


heartbreaking dreams and lonely nights

love brighter than the sun

heavenly choirs and divorces

bitter pills and angry tears


All these things real or imagined

happened and will continue

as you take a curtain call

until the applause stops

and the final curtain falls.









Nothing but silence


We compliment you on your silence

When the people are divided and the country is broken

What a simple solution

for the problems of the now

I know you have desperation in your blood

and it runs down the streets

seeking victims

When all this becomes history

I know future generations

will wonder why your silence was so profound?





Lights, Camera, Action!


You can’t restart it

that’s the real

problem with life

When it comes to the

Lights, Camera, Action!


What if you

fluff your lines?

I mean who’s the

director anyway?

I know us

gents are always

looking for a

leading lady

But some

prefer a leading man

Some of the

things we say

Well who writes

this stuff?

Very few

of us get the

acclaim we deserve

Often being

a villain is

more fun

Still when

the credits roll

Was there

anyone left

to shed a tear?



How to meet yourself


We end the day on a dry note

Lives will change forever

Your countdown is underway

Stop trying to protect what we all lose

What is it like to be human?

Science cannot tell us

I listen to your storm

You dwarf my country

I feel affected by your presence

Will you stop by Friday?

How many measures do I have to take

To turn into you?


I was watching the news

I saw a report

That stated I was missing.





Terror trousers


The day is drunk, and night is tired

This is the way forward to live a life

Don’t be put off, by logic or reason

Remember you are all too human.

Embrace all the destruction you can bring


There is no room in the streets

for your ego and your hangovers

You walk in terror trousers

Fear stalks your own dreams

Hand made horror is the new religion


In the setting sun of this world

Your shadow is spreading out

into the dark

like some slow beat…