Growling Monster


Growling monster

Shopping is such a pain.

Growling monster,

work your allies to death.


Blanket demonstrations

cover the scene

Forget the horror, unfolding

in hidden religions,

nothing wrong with dying

if the cause is good.


Lunch is served,

await your trial.

Growling monster

shopping is such a pain

All the food is rotten

and everything useful,

has been peacefully strangled.


Feels like another Monday.


Work; the Growling monster


I travel home for peace.


My tragic life starts again.


I always believed life,

it was more than money.


Growling monster,

I’m so sorry,

to be wrong.





All the sad lovers of the world


All the sad lovers of the world

Find comfort in your own tears

We have all been like you.


Take your tears which is love’s wine

Drink forth the bitter taste

This strange mirth of melancholy.


Lead yourself to some wild passion

That you may call the world

You will travel far amongst your desires

If you have the strength


To follow your dreams.




Are you going to be there?


Have you been yourself lately?

Have you travelled into the future?

What feelings can you feel?

Do they feel real?


What do you see in the mirror?

Whose face stares at you?


In dreams are you alone?

Can you accept everyday people?

In everyday places?

Happy or sad faces?


Where could you live?

How would you live?

What would you give?

To be free?


Is nature your friend?

What if they don’t listen and there’s no escape?

Who do you know?

Where is the end?

When does it happen?

Is this just another fashion?


You seem like a person full of passion?

I think you are missing in action?

Why weep with total despair?

Are you going to be there?



Daily News Flash


A riot mother lay bleeding

While a doctor was called out

To repair a policeman’s image.


The policeman was a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ character

Who used his face to molest young trees


A miracle on 49th Street

Means carrier bag suicides

Will be donated to charities.


Tributes paid to teenage rocket man

He’s treading the boards now

As he has inherited a drug habit


‘It is called love.’


This allows him to avoid sex charges.


He is hauntingly fragile

While being so pure at heart.


How to meet yourself


We end the day on a dry note

Lives will change forever

Your countdown is underway

Stop trying to protect what we all lose

What is it like to be human?

Science cannot tell us

I listen to your storm

You dwarf my country

I feel affected by your presence

Will you stop by Friday?

How many measures do I have to take

To turn into you?


I was watching the news

I saw a report

That stated I was missing.





We will store your face in a box


The approximate size of your face

Must be able to fit into this box

You must contact Tarzan if it is too large

We will not issue assassins

To kill you.

Our disposal policy is:

Please kill yourself

When we are satisfied you are dead

We will store your face in a box

No face will be stored without a review date

Review date must be written on your forehead

Old worn faces must not be used

The management reserves the right to refuse faces

It deems socially unacceptable

Thank you for your time.

Keep it light


The tattooed shank is in the news again

While Hyena man laughs,

and the echoes are reflected,

through the happy streets.


Narcissus kisses the mirror,

and the wind sounds like one long sigh into the night.


There is a knock at the door

But there is no door.


Men with umbrellas fall from the sky

Landing on the smiling face of Dick Turpin.


But in the end

‘Keep it light’


Like when nature reverses the night.