Time after time


When science has reduced you to a DNA Code

The pointless moment can feel like a lifetime

Remember your faults are your perfections

Your tears and rejections always have a beauty

Unseen by so many.


In a world where everything will die

You can feel dead too soon

But the dead can exist for an eternity

No rush to join them.


The aimless hour

Or the minute crushed with meaning

Each so important

To live a life


Live you will

Live you must


For in time after time

Even eternity will end



Your beauty left me


I am reconnecting with myself

I feel like an absolute honour

I’ve never broken up

Through the white heat days


You are way more intense

Than you are given credit for

Even if we had never met

You would still warp my reality


Fancy sharing a careful plan?

I was on my way home

When your beauty left me

I would love to catch it again.



Nothing but silence


We compliment you on your silence

When the people are divided and the country is broken

What a simple solution

for the problems of the now

I know you have desperation in your blood

and it runs down the streets

seeking victims

When all this becomes history

I know future generations

will wonder why your silence was so profound?





Cold Sweat


Who is your new squeeze?

Change them whenever you like, because

Terror romance students seduce lonely people.


I love your new look

Shadow drinking in front of your mirror

No crime has been committed today.


Baby Jesus contains up to 8 spoonfuls of sugar, so I was told

I’ve been dark room dancing

In the Twilight Zone.


It’s suicide face-time

ultimate victory will be a haunting epic

manic people find sharing hate mail so empowering.


Face thieves check in as cash monkeys

Girl trip is banned by an Ebola scrum

Two countries were angry at something hurting.


Treatment places are washed away with desperate tears

This selfie obsession paranoia

ends the year in a cold sweat.