Wonderful dream


I have this wonderful dream

I dream that I punch politicians in the face


For every broken promise

I punch them

For every victim of their laws

I punch them


It is a relentless task


I shall avenge the poor and needy with my fists


Watch them spit out their teeth along with their empty words.


I awaken

An angry pacifist by nature


Because I know

Dreams never come true.

Absolutely endless


We all know about

The fat shadow technique

No need to ask the professionals

No wait – it’s gonna be incredible!

We all get a digital edition of you

quick, easy, free

It’s all you need to know.

Look at the message of the month:

‘A revolution of creativity! It suits my workflow.’

No pioneer problems for you

veterans dish the dirt

are controllers a good idea?

Hot videos on rainy days

give us all the sounds of yesterday

What are the prime standards?

Default cutoff

for the home DJ

Gear options for live performance

on every level

It’s all rise and fall

These dynamics are

absolutely endless






The edge and 7


I watched a man rape his footsteps

And a women molest her shopping bags

I had been committed for smiling.


Yellow is the truth.

What lies!!!


Time is the enemy

Dictator of our lives


Slip a dimension and escape.


That’s why I was smiling

Committed for smiling!!


He left his footsteps broken and bleeding

Her shopping bags won’t travel by themselves now.


So they commit me!


What kind of society is this?


A man can’t be free or even yellow


If you fly, you’re a disease of a dog!


Lucky I sleepwalk on governments

Their politics are attacking Norsemen


I don’t care, I’m a nuclear flavoured smile.



She left like an illness


I opened my dreams

To anybody that cared

She appeared like a long silence

Then spoke:

In the music of dreams


My life changed,

Fate showed the map

Above me:

The stars crashed with joy

It sounded like heartbeats


Deep, in the city of dreams

Watching a film of my life

I awoke unheard

Grasping for an object,

I could imagine, but not hold


She left like an illness

Closing the door on my dreams

I wanted to strangle myself

Reality was returning

The wind felt cold once again


That night

I bathed in my own tears

and drank

from the cup of bitterness.





I put my fingers on your neck

What music will we make today?

Strummed slow, or a quick jangle, what is the inspiration of the moment?

Open chords or Barre chords?

Triads or riffs?

What is the sound of my dream?

Is this moment going to become a song?

I listen

All will be decided soon, as my guitar gently seeps

it’s music into the reality of the now.



Glasgow has a face-on orientation


Scientists have known that the West of Scotland was unethical

Researchers said the West of Scotland

Emits a glow from their new fashions.

Visitors with lots of fake tans

is the best way to ensure

we protect the natural habitat.

The scale of the fashion problem has come as a shock.

Researcher Dr Christina Popescu said:

‘We have a total misunderstanding of the fashion of Glasgow’

Glasgow has a face-on orientation

Via nuclear haircut fashions in Sauchiehall Street

Anyone who noticed any plain clothes activity in the city

should report it to the police

Standards must not fall.

The free believers


The free believers

add some velocity, to their lives, by disappearing between a wave of echoes

Brutal love designers know how to click on your internal effects

Your passion will be my music, for your problems outweigh my merits

Resurrected trigger finger, responds to all human parts.

Did you notice you were gone?

All the time you were gone, you were absent from yourself.

Replace you with me, at the production academy

What is on your hard drive?

It is time to show us


as you require,

A free believer.