Growling Monster


Growling monster

Shopping is such a pain.

Growling monster,

work your allies to death.


Blanket demonstrations

cover the scene

Forget the horror, unfolding

in hidden religions,

nothing wrong with dying

if the cause is good.


Lunch is served,

await your trial.

Growling monster

shopping is such a pain

All the food is rotten

and everything useful,

has been peacefully strangled.


Feels like another Monday.


Work; the Growling monster


I travel home for peace.


My tragic life starts again.


I always believed life,

it was more than money.


Growling monster,

I’m so sorry,

to be wrong.





The Quiet Hours


The quiet hours

Display a resolution

Their story is cheap.


Awake; I still dream

The thoughts rattle me


I compare them softly with you.


The illusion almost seems real.


Hoping for a delay

I stop the clock

Fate winks in distant times

I’ll meet her when;

the time is almost right.


The morning enters backwards

It shapes the day

I beg to nothing

Don’t let this day

Be the one to:


shape, my ever depressing life.




Apocalypse playlist or love?


I am in love with myself,

but I

don’t know it.

I make love to

the music

in my head

Apocalypse playlist

knows all about revenge

I lived somewhere so near

to my feelings

locked away in an amnesty prison

I can sit for hours

watching dreams

flowing home

into the night.

Passengers collide

with a Dracula tribute act

there is no blood.

A guy in tartan

can’t dress himself


to the homecoming traffic

make tall sounds.

Metal cage rage

restricts me

for security reasons

How should we proceed with this love?

should we

continue on a

more official basis?

My personality

needs its

own email address

feelings stronger

than steel

will always



in time






Absolutely endless


We all know about

The fat shadow technique

No need to ask the professionals

No wait – it’s gonna be incredible!

We all get a digital edition of you

quick, easy, free

It’s all you need to know.

Look at the message of the month:

‘A revolution of creativity! It suits my workflow.’

No pioneer problems for you

veterans dish the dirt

are controllers a good idea?

Hot videos on rainy days

give us all the sounds of yesterday

What are the prime standards?

Default cutoff

for the home DJ

Gear options for live performance

on every level

It’s all rise and fall

These dynamics are

absolutely endless








Was I abandoned by myself?

Lost and found in my own dreams?

I was frozen as ice

But melting with the days and weeks of the years

You can’t be too careful

When you don’t care at all.


Life today

is not

so easy

I looked for you


You were gone


with the


shining above

the lonesome town.


Was I abandoned by you?







Politicians struck dumb by words of honour

To see the smiling face is too much!

I need to retreat from this situation

Political hot potatoes are growing like fears

Where shall they grow?

Now the fields are all streets?


Political genocide is muted

Hands will crawl around our necks

Our wishes, now control us

Sinister laughter on the lips of the free men

What did you really want?

Freedom or power?


I saw you in a mirror today

Reflecting everything you say you are not

I would shake your hand

But you need it, to whip up the storm

Brewing in the minds of men


Democracy is not freedom of choice

It is the cost

We choose to bear,

when the price is too high.




Automatically oblivious


Yesterday has been packed off to prison

For a desolate future

Exploited weakness have been obtained.

Weight watchers petition Britain

Jihad dancing is bad news for fun,

While a national heart-throb plays away

To the disgust of his mock wife

Denial talk comes out as gay.

Blue haired beauty

Cut down in her prime.

There has been a good reaction

to nuclear babies.

Saber tooth tramps

Rule Denmark, in their dreams.

Masters of sex

make a sizzling double,

that rocks the ocean into blind acceptance.

Good men go their separate ways

before naked authentication from their mothers.

To control emotions

We are all now

Automatically oblivious.




The Blame Game


No stone to be left unturned

In search for a colourful future

Are you ready for lift off?

Jilted Jihadists

Found in a time capsule

This calls for an investigation of our time


Thinking of getting a tattoo?

You will become a virtual cadaver

She wants to examine it

In demand for life

Revellers are indicted by their own faces

Its called ‘The Blame Game’.


Why does every little thing

have to be so difficult?


Did you hear?

Facebook revealed as digital cancer

As users leave in disgust

in all they have become

Shown to the world without the essence of limitations.