Cool light


You change


into cool light

In a small green suitcase

I have placed my dreams.


The sun pulls me to you

Why have you stopped pretending to be a town?

We can only talk in whispers

While we look out the window of regret.


I love your italic face

But the hour of our youth has departed

I know its late in the day

Now the sun has escaped from me.


But people appeared not to notice

It was all very British.








Leave yourself in no doubt,

such an experience may reduce you to tears.

The most important thing you will ever know

is how to handle failure and loss.

Check out your life, it’s realistic

Play it – Feel it

You can basically do anything, it’s great

It’s so versatile and user friendly

It is by far the best out there

Nothing will ever suit you better


But when you sit alone in silence

and weep like an angel

Now you realise why

There was no way other than this


Failure was always the option

As you gain in knowledge,

through your loss.




What became of the rebel?


Pretty much anything, can grip at your soul

Leave your thoughts with someone else, in this calm evening

I am an innocent man, even in my dreams

What became of the rebel?

He was buried with the youth of yesteryear

My own solar system, from near or far

Gives me very little, apart for the promise of nothing

Did I change too much for my own good?

I often never think like that.


When will I meet my wife?

Has she passed by like a shadow?

I felt sad – but it was just like breathing.

Life is what you make it, so I was told.

In the broken recess of the mind, how do we compete with ourselves?

She could hide her face anywhere, I can’t see it anyway with eyes closed

Learn to love the beauty, hiding deep in despair.

Are you like me?

A privileged ghost returned, to haunt yourself?


I try to remember everything

Safe in the knowledge

All will be forgotten in time.




Plan B


Level up and start yourself esoteric and textural

No money? No problem

Two’s company in the frozen cortex of dreams

I’ve watched rooms full of selective musings

Attempt to make noise from a certified trainer

Hot hands rejoice as they push things further into the past

Shaking hands are vital for future deals

Make sure you have a Plan B

Exclusive hands-on sessions are passionate

as someone you know well

You write the problem

and become proud of it

I have experimented with rapture

I found it really helpful

People like to be asked

If their experience was all in vain.



Hailes Quarry Park


It just lies there in its own space

Hailes Quarry Park

I know it now, with footsteps

In day or night, I have travelled amongst itself

Usually alone as I travel from A to B

Which point of the compass shall I become?

The rising or setting sun will prevail in this measurement

The grass and trees, divided, so they feel no falseness

Travel along to where you are going

Step lightly, in the dawn of dreams

For the return will happen

When the time is right





The Blue Blazer


Sitting drinking life away in the Blue Blazer Pub

Edinburgh is outside in the rain

We are putting the world to rights

Nothing wrong with that.


Boozing into the hours of laughter

Now we are moaning about,

everybody we know

It makes us feel better.


One for the road

It is cold outside in Bread Street

Although the alcohol in our veins

makes us feel invincible.


We promise to meet up again

like we have hundreds of times

for more liquid dreams

in the immortality of the moment.




Strangers in the rain


We pass each other

as strangers in the rain

wrapped in our own silence

drifting away like the clouds above.

You never told me

How we where produced in the chaos factory

I never laughed in agreement

We could have been friends.

I never looked back

You never stopped for a second

lost in our thoughts

of perfect introspection.

Remember the future


Do you know the damage caused to look after your world?

We are creating trouble to defend your honour

I know what it is like to be hypnotised by a dog

It’s like getting drunk in a town called booze

Has the town recovered?

Fake flowers are acting mad

Three whisky wife cannot help you now

Embrace the blank space

It’s like the past never happened

Abandoned forever

in the progression of a dream

Now remember the future

before it arrives.




Still I have not drunk enough


Of favour and fortune

makes me loud in laugh and merry in jest,

I am achieving of nothing, while still promising wonders

Still I have not drunk enough.


I look for Venus in her naked glory

This proud Adonis

Where will she sit for me to gaze?

Still I have not drunk enough.


I love her to speak

But I know her words

Divine moments in the hours of dross

Still I have not drunk enough.


All is not sweet

All is not sound

Simplicity is a grace

Still I have not drunk enough


A mans divine influence does not work

Although the soul may flow

The illusion of being in control

Still I have not drunk enough.