The edge and 7


I watched a man rape his footsteps

And a women molest her shopping bags

I had been committed for smiling.


Yellow is the truth.

What lies!!!


Time is the enemy

Dictator of our lives


Slip a dimension and escape.


That’s why I was smiling

Committed for smiling!!


He left his footsteps broken and bleeding

Her shopping bags won’t travel by themselves now.


So they commit me!


What kind of society is this?


A man can’t be free or even yellow


If you fly, you’re a disease of a dog!


Lucky I sleepwalk on governments

Their politics are attacking Norsemen


I don’t care, I’m a nuclear flavoured smile.




4 thoughts on “The edge and 7

  1. This is so shocking and pleasurably intense. I had to check your name and avatar to make sure you’re not Filipino and making an awesome mockery of Philippine politics, haha. This really spoke to me. Loved the wit and the charged-ness of the metaphors you used.

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