You remember Tex?


You remember Tex?

The guy who looks like a motorway

Remember the time he washed the moon?

He promised us all the money we could burn

Yeah the guy who looks like a dog

Yeah he was barking

He lived in a smile

Or was it a frown?

You remember Tex?

He discovered cheese

The cheese people

That was his favourite group

Tex he was an artist

He could paint with his eyes

Sometimes he would use his feet

Oh yeah he could dance

Tex was invisible to nothing

He had a sense of humour

You could smell it down the street

Tex the big horse man

Yeah that is him

His favourite word was ‘nay’

You remember Tex?

Bigger than Europe in many ways

So modest in defeat

You remember what happened to Tex?

It was on the news

He was like sunshine

He was warm

He was yellow

Then one day

He just disappeared

Like sunshine on a cloudy day.



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