What became of the rebel?


Pretty much anything, can grip at your soul

Leave your thoughts with someone else, in this calm evening

I am an innocent man, even in my dreams

What became of the rebel?

He was buried with the youth of yesteryear

My own solar system, from near or far

Gives me very little, apart for the promise of nothing

Did I change too much for my own good?

I often never think like that.


When will I meet my wife?

Has she passed by like a shadow?

I felt sad – but it was just like breathing.

Life is what you make it, so I was told.

In the broken recess of the mind, how do we compete with ourselves?

She could hide her face anywhere, I can’t see it anyway with eyes closed

Learn to love the beauty, hiding deep in despair.

Are you like me?

A privileged ghost returned, to haunt yourself?


I try to remember everything

Safe in the knowledge

All will be forgotten in time.





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