Forever changes


To see it is dangerous

One can never be enough.


Amateur fears fury,

At fairytale disruption.


State heads are extremists

Glasgow announces that it loves you

Joy inquiry into the pink flesh

Lost it? Just like it –


Essential killer orders precious summer days,

Call it silent

Will not be a homophobia event

To start perfect.


Be more cute than violent

Man shock!

Will kill her moods.


Affordable has never been lower.


New rainbow flowers grow in the streets

Vegan fudge goes bump in the night.

Topless posing proves she wants sales

But it is no strings attached.


Now I am hangover free.


Big buzz volunteering –

Leaves women at bus stops,

weak at the knees.


It’s wrong to show it

So remember your tactics,

When on the freedom ride.


Private tensions make you interesting

Go to your destiny

Don’t suffer in silence

From a prime relationship.


You’ll be amazed what you get

On demand these days.




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