Cruel mother doesn’t do auditions

save my life with drones

these are strong days.


Mass murder affliction

presumes you love terrorists

humanity crimes committed by deed poll.


Pleas of guilty are ‘out of character’

Bullet craze is our first priority

where is the new infection now?


Bliss is tea and clean sheets

BOLD is beautiful

my holiday heartache returned home alone.


Offensive genius insults with pure delight

pour your thoughts down the guilty gutter

wash your mouth out with hope.


A radiant smile is waiting for a lover

a stranger, standing solemn, awaits

something bad to happen.


Materialist wanderings in a shopping centre

leave empty minds wanting more,

its less trouble than thinking.


‘Hang on a minute!’

We might never see you again

until the search machine reveals you – as a creepy kid.


But stop all this

because I am in no hurry

to reveal all.






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