The Ingmar Bergman Appreciation Society


Thinking back

I still recall the true despair

The solid black depression


I didn’t realise at the time

But I was an honourable member

Of the Ingmar Bergman Appreciation Society


Paint me black and white

With suicide dreams

and a face

That refused to smile.


Then like a virgin spring

You appeared

Changing me

With your sense of self


Bringing colour

Passion and love

Into my life.

Talking to a brick wall


The world is full of good and compassionate people

I know this

But they are dwarfed

By ignorance and idiots.


I sometimes get more sense

talking to a brick wall

than my neighbours

That is a fact.


The brick wall is

resolute in its understanding

with its soul of stone

It serves a purpose to society.


Then I see my neighbours

destroying themselves

and this planet, with a crusade of ignorance

all because they can.





Without you


I am turning invisible

Disappearing from sight

Under the weight of despair and grief

That appears with your absence


Where has life gone?

I feel so scared

So worried

So ill

So dead


Without you

I don’t exist anymore.



Remember the future


Do you know the damage caused to look after your world?

We are creating trouble to defend your honour

I know what it is like to be hypnotised by a dog

It’s like getting drunk in a town called booze

Has the town recovered?

Fake flowers are acting mad

Three whisky wife cannot help you now

Embrace the blank space

It’s like the past never happened

Abandoned forever

in the progression of a dream

Now remember the future

before it arrives.




Still I have not drunk enough


Of favour and fortune

makes me loud in laugh and merry in jest,

I am achieving of nothing, while still promising wonders

Still I have not drunk enough.


I look for Venus in her naked glory

This proud Adonis

Where will she sit for me to gaze?

Still I have not drunk enough.


I love her to speak

But I know her words

Divine moments in the hours of dross

Still I have not drunk enough.


All is not sweet

All is not sound

Simplicity is a grace

Still I have not drunk enough


A mans divine influence does not work

Although the soul may flow

The illusion of being in control

Still I have not drunk enough.




Goodnight sleep tight


You may not meet this moment again

Born into a world that takes to receive

Even the ghosts of the past, now to selfish to disappear

Haunt our thoughts with adverts

We are wanting all, because we feel so empty

Only a fool will receive all they deserve

We watch the rich men on our televisions

They tell us what we desire, but cannot afford

The world starves and grows obese at the same time

For the desire of millions

will become our new home

unspoken questions make a trembling sound

only the promise of the day returning

allows us to sleep at night

Now we are wishing and wondering

for ‘world peace and an end to poverty’

the best joke I have ever heard

No one laughs

The poor and suffering have no voice

In the boardroom someone shrugged, and the meeting continued…

Don’t even think a thought

as you wait for someone to tell you, ‘WANT’ is required to make them happy

No violence

No hysteria

and above all –  no sentiment about the poor

What do they bring to this party?

Only their misery and who needs that with cocktails?

Is there anything left for people to take?

What remains in human dignity that is worth selling?

So when the rich man

gives his bonus to charity as a tax dodge

It will not save him

Shaking someones hand after mugging them

Will not stop your violence

Ultimate control

Is the desire of the rich

Market forces and world economics

try to give the charm of nostalgia

Exploit the poor, just don’t call them slaves

because this is the 21st Century, and that would be rude

in this modern world of old values

The customer is always right

So why do we never get what we need?

We only get what they make us desire

Armed and equipped to perfection

Your government has all your needs in hand

So stay calm and relax with a ‘whiter than white’ smile

Pay all your taxes until you get rich enough to avoid them

Never question a single thing,


Goodnight sleep tight.