Love comes darkly


Sometimes, love comes darkly

Creeping around us,

But not in us.


I am burning;

Fever like vision

You wont smile at anything,

and everything destroys me.


Sometimes, love comes quickly

Gone, it wont stay,

and neither will you.


Still I have not drunk enough


Of favour and fortune

makes me loud in laugh and merry in jest,

I am achieving of nothing, while still promising wonders

Still I have not drunk enough.


I look for Venus in her naked glory

This proud Adonis

Where will she sit for me to gaze?

Still I have not drunk enough.


I love her to speak

But I know her words

Divine moments in the hours of dross

Still I have not drunk enough.


All is not sweet

All is not sound

Simplicity is a grace

Still I have not drunk enough


A mans divine influence does not work

Although the soul may flow

The illusion of being in control

Still I have not drunk enough.




The Quiet Hours


The quiet hours

Display a resolution

Their story is cheap.


Awake; I still dream

The thoughts rattle me


I compare them softly with you.


The illusion almost seems real.


Hoping for a delay

I stop the clock

Fate winks in distant times

I’ll meet her when;

the time is almost right.


The morning enters backwards

It shapes the day

I beg to nothing

Don’t let this day

Be the one to:


shape, my ever depressing life.




Apocalypse playlist or love?


I am in love with myself,

but I

don’t know it.

I make love to

the music

in my head

Apocalypse playlist

knows all about revenge

I lived somewhere so near

to my feelings

locked away in an amnesty prison

I can sit for hours

watching dreams

flowing home

into the night.

Passengers collide

with a Dracula tribute act

there is no blood.

A guy in tartan

can’t dress himself


to the homecoming traffic

make tall sounds.

Metal cage rage

restricts me

for security reasons

How should we proceed with this love?

should we

continue on a

more official basis?

My personality

needs its

own email address

feelings stronger

than steel

will always



in time






The Invention of You


Today I am too busy

So tomorrow I will have to

invent you


I’m busy with painting my dreams

and hanging wallpaper men

By the dozen


I know you would be

upset at this delay, but remember

You don’t exist


Please know this –

I feel your pain.


You are on the ‘to do list’

But I can’t tell you

Until you are real


Then what is the point of telling you about the list?


I am working hard

to create you

I need you to understand


Before I was real

I didn’t get upset

With progress at all


Remember before you

There is no you

But what’s in my dreams


If I awake too quickly

I will forget all about you

Then nothing will matter.




Wonderful dream


I have this wonderful dream

I dream that I punch politicians in the face


For every broken promise

I punch them

For every victim of their laws

I punch them


It is a relentless task


I shall avenge the poor and needy with my fists


Watch them spit out their teeth along with their empty words.


I awaken

An angry pacifist by nature


Because I know

Dreams never come true.

Absolutely endless


We all know about

The fat shadow technique

No need to ask the professionals

No wait – it’s gonna be incredible!

We all get a digital edition of you

quick, easy, free

It’s all you need to know.

Look at the message of the month:

‘A revolution of creativity! It suits my workflow.’

No pioneer problems for you

veterans dish the dirt

are controllers a good idea?

Hot videos on rainy days

give us all the sounds of yesterday

What are the prime standards?

Default cutoff

for the home DJ

Gear options for live performance

on every level

It’s all rise and fall

These dynamics are

absolutely endless