Life Sentence


A man who attacked a wall

Appeared drunk or unsteady in the head

He was so incensed

He wrongly thought he was a can of tomatoes

He was described by his mother as a ‘National Treasure’

But she is an illusion.

There are many kinds of sadness

Repressed in the souls of shoes

Walking along the road

The tears leave the signs

Of a long journey undertaken in grief.

Children often run away from themselves

Like growing up too soon

Junk food lifestyle

That leaves the taste of despair

implanted into the heads of the young

So when they grow up too fast

They end up attacking the walls

That imprison their lives.


All the sad lovers of the world


All the sad lovers of the world

Find comfort in your own tears

We have all been like you.


Take your tears which is love’s wine

Drink forth the bitter taste

This strange mirth of melancholy.


Lead yourself to some wild passion

That you may call the world

You will travel far amongst your desires

If you have the strength


To follow your dreams.




Back home alone


Descend the mountain of errors

As you think of

her Pacific imagery

Today was

a waste of living


She’s radiant in

powerful openness

You might just be

a lovable error.


Mobile panic leaves itself

in mobile mountains

Deep shadows

follow you home.


On the lonely television

the screen shows

The Interstellar death

in praise of living.




Remembrance of things past


Remembrance of things past

Nothing can ever last

You held me tight

Throughout the night

Then we awoke

Into the morning light


Dreams are all we had

We were never sad

I held you tight

Telling you things would be alright


Oh if I could live my life again

I wouldn’t change a thing

My friend

Remember all the good times we had?

I may cry tears

But I feel so glad


I wouldn’t change a thing

My friend

I wouldn’t change a thing

My friend

I may cry tears

But I feel so glad


You were the best love I ever had.





Perhaps I heard it on the radio

Read it in the papers,

Saw it on the television.

I really can’t remember all the facts

because the internet age makes all communication mute.


It is what I heard, read or saw

But I can’t be sure of myself in these moments of doubt.

The real me would know what to do and say

But he disappears behind smiles and laughter

I need to find all the facts on my existence


I heard, read or saw

Somewhere at sometime

That we are all –

equal parts of everything.



Failed Experiment


Sitting, he said quickly:

‘Bring your imagination here – I’ll drink it whole.’


You can’t argue,

With a man who can’t agree with himself


Can you?


‘The taste was bitter, like failed experiments.’


This was his only comment

You must agree

With a man who can cheat himself.


Can you?


I thought not,

My failed experiment.

Failed – not once but twice


Even by my own meagre standards

I have failed

Not once but twice.


I have so many times

Failed to please myself, failed to please you.


I look at your face

I remember it happy

I saw it angry quite a few times

I saw you look neutral

and more than often

disappointingly neutral.


I remember the look of the despair

Caused by my words

But my feelings

Of which you said I had none

Held me mute.


I was the victim of myself

You were always just a witness.


You remember the smallest details

Which you would give back in all it’s shabby glory.


Which would I change

The Times?

You or me?

Or just my luck?

As if the impossible would change for my needs


I have given you

all I could

nothing more.


Who could tell

If it was ever

going to be enough?



News Alert


The human race threatens it own future,

Peace loving robots pose shirtless to prove they mean well

Court orders new faces for fashion victims


Edinburgh fringe cut short

Fake lovers abandon themselves

Electric seals see a brighter future


Typhoon protest holding breath

Cash suicide machine blows itself up and

all victims are refunded for their pain


White Christmas stolen

Rapist pensioner ‘could lose bus pass’

Obese face put up for auction


World peace has happened by mistake

it takes the United Nations maximum effort to fix this error

War breaks out inside your head.


Business as usual on the death front

War resumes its destructive tendencies

Everybody breathes a sigh of relief.


The rich get richer

The poor get poorer

The planet is still dying, and we can all relax with our own fears.