Leave yourself in no doubt,

such an experience may reduce you to tears.

The most important thing you will ever know

is how to handle failure and loss.

Check out your life, it’s realistic

Play it – Feel it

You can basically do anything, it’s great

It’s so versatile and user friendly

It is by far the best out there

Nothing will ever suit you better


But when you sit alone in silence

and weep like an angel

Now you realise why

There was no way other than this


Failure was always the option

As you gain in knowledge,

through your loss.





Electric shadows


We waited on the corner

It is hard to think about it now

Looking at the free dead and the asylums

Morgues of all the world, echo again, and again,

Beyond the stare of the electric lights,

Universal happiness, never will come to those who need it.

I forgot my manners in the haste of my temper

Who are you now?

The red wine flowed

The moment was dazzling

in sober dreams you have betrayed me

Cut throat regret

Can be seen all over the television

If you change

The channel shows a repeat of you

it’s played out before our eyes

Who are you now?

But still a light burns

Electric shadows are not mentioned,

In the flickering dark of the night.

If you come back to me

I will forgive all I have done to you.







Self Help Guide


Take a close look at this situation

Are you closer than you think?

Focusing on the past, can it reveal the future?

Go through your personal experience

Try standing outside yourself.

Relevant clues are never easy to find

Analyze what makes you happen

Have you got the confidence of descending resignation?

Yes we are all frustrated,

but you know that is an oversimplification of your life.

Answer a real question:

If you were someone else

Would you really be happy?






What became of the rebel?


Pretty much anything, can grip at your soul

Leave your thoughts with someone else, in this calm evening

I am an innocent man, even in my dreams

What became of the rebel?

He was buried with the youth of yesteryear

My own solar system, from near or far

Gives me very little, apart for the promise of nothing

Did I change too much for my own good?

I often never think like that.


When will I meet my wife?

Has she passed by like a shadow?

I felt sad – but it was just like breathing.

Life is what you make it, so I was told.

In the broken recess of the mind, how do we compete with ourselves?

She could hide her face anywhere, I can’t see it anyway with eyes closed

Learn to love the beauty, hiding deep in despair.

Are you like me?

A privileged ghost returned, to haunt yourself?


I try to remember everything

Safe in the knowledge

All will be forgotten in time.




Bring on the happy times


Bring on the happy times

Heavenly Madonna is stoned immaculate

Gandalfs wand is the talk of the town

Dundee wins something good

Lingerie angels make a frustrated man happy

Travel on the catwalk to the stars

Flash Sale –

gives you half price dreams

Get married to your happy memories

Dine with a good food dude

Please everybody for a change

Rush hour crush follows you home

Singing soldiers make love not war

Police stop the bad guys, while doing good

Look cool with your name top of the hot list

Tears of joy

Drop from the skies


Bring on the happy times.





The Resurrection Man


I think you will recover

No more Mr Self Destruct for you

You were isolated from health and sanity

Walking on the path of total destruction

But now you have a grand design for life.


‘Stand down doctor!’

It’s not time to bury this body

We will call you the Resurrection Man

Who can trade his twilight years


For tomorrows dreams.



Strange Tears


I never thought,

I had it in me, that all this time,

I was collecting strange tears.

I never thought about endings

Only new beginnings and dreams

Many a storm passed between us

But we clung on together.


Now you are leaving

These strange tears are falling

I beg you, to look at my strangers face

But you will not listen

You are sick of all my words

You have heard it all before, but now

You wont ever have to hear them again.


The last noise I hear you make –

The door slammed shut.

I look at the empty space

I ask myself

‘Who are these strange tears for?’






The future comes with tomorrow



Walking in this time and place

I can see how deep Atlantis has sunk

The Utopia dreams I had once

now dead with grief.



In this new reality

what will tomorrow bring?

What new terror can be unleashed

on our televisions of fear.



I was yesterday and today

A divided, but good man

I wanted to be the future

Tomorrows man – today.



I knew my Chronos dreams

Deep laughter on the lines

of my face, this laughing boy

Happy as a summer day is long.



Nothing lasts forever

As the wind blows

through the lonesome days

and silent nights



Winter will weep

If a cold heart

Denies the dreams of the lonely

holding love prisoner in an age of bondage



Better one suffer

Than never know love

I knew these feelings well

then I met you



Your beauty breaks the hours of weariness

Serene smile and face, that were unknown to me

In my naked melancholy

I stand before your judgement



Dreams assured by your words

All seasons will be sweet

I drink the amber

poured from heavens gate



What floats unseen between us?

A love connection?

The future –

Which comes in all our tomorrow’s