Goodnight sleep tight


You may not meet this moment again

Born into a world that takes to receive

Even the ghosts of the past, now to selfish to disappear

Haunt our thoughts with adverts

We are wanting all, because we feel so empty

Only a fool will receive all they deserve

We watch the rich men on our televisions

They tell us what we desire, but cannot afford

The world starves and grows obese at the same time

For the desire of millions

will become our new home

unspoken questions make a trembling sound

only the promise of the day returning

allows us to sleep at night

Now we are wishing and wondering

for ‘world peace and an end to poverty’

the best joke I have ever heard

No one laughs

The poor and suffering have no voice

In the boardroom someone shrugged, and the meeting continued…

Don’t even think a thought

as you wait for someone to tell you, ‘WANT’ is required to make them happy

No violence

No hysteria

and above all –  no sentiment about the poor

What do they bring to this party?

Only their misery and who needs that with cocktails?

Is there anything left for people to take?

What remains in human dignity that is worth selling?

So when the rich man

gives his bonus to charity as a tax dodge

It will not save him

Shaking someones hand after mugging them

Will not stop your violence

Ultimate control

Is the desire of the rich

Market forces and world economics

try to give the charm of nostalgia

Exploit the poor, just don’t call them slaves

because this is the 21st Century, and that would be rude

in this modern world of old values

The customer is always right

So why do we never get what we need?

We only get what they make us desire

Armed and equipped to perfection

Your government has all your needs in hand

So stay calm and relax with a ‘whiter than white’ smile

Pay all your taxes until you get rich enough to avoid them

Never question a single thing,


Goodnight sleep tight.





The sudden brilliance of her love


Near the ending of a wonderful day

The sun had slipped beneath the horizon

and when she spoke

the stars sang in their spheres

The moonshine glittered in her eyes

I brightly glowed in the sudden brilliance

of her love, as if I was too happy

I changed for the better

in that moment of moments.

Whatever flames the night

I fear not, now I know

I will endure to be with her.








The edge and 7


I watched a man rape his footsteps

And a women molest her shopping bags

I had been committed for smiling.


Yellow is the truth.

What lies!!!


Time is the enemy

Dictator of our lives


Slip a dimension and escape.


That’s why I was smiling

Committed for smiling!!


He left his footsteps broken and bleeding

Her shopping bags won’t travel by themselves now.


So they commit me!


What kind of society is this?


A man can’t be free or even yellow


If you fly, you’re a disease of a dog!


Lucky I sleepwalk on governments

Their politics are attacking Norsemen


I don’t care, I’m a nuclear flavoured smile.





I walk through history, on these Edinburgh streets

The monuments to time and place soaked in the summer rain

Princes Street gardens invites in all dreamers

George Street drunken amongst the revelling night


Edinburgh castle dominates you

With the majestic moment of time passed

See the castle everlasting in your passing

As you head to the pubs on Rose Street.


The Scottish enlightenment awakens you

After the night of drinking pints of heavy

The Edinburgh sky will cover you

So you can touch it at your pleasure in this moment of pain.



Designer Insults


Break the thoughts

That corrupt ourselves,

Let me turn inward and seek.


Scared to awake when life hurts


They are ashamed of their art,

Everything coloured into a mess.


Poverty an old story

Discard my book

If you have money

You really don’t need dreams.


What is the sorrow of tomorrow?


Designer insults applied with instructions:


Use sparingly for effect.

Don’t not spray into eyes.

Avoid contact with skin.


Who said violence is a license for peace?

Life Sentence


A man who attacked a wall

Appeared drunk or unsteady in the head

He was so incensed

He wrongly thought he was a can of tomatoes

He was described by his mother as a ‘National Treasure’

But she is an illusion.

There are many kinds of sadness

Repressed in the souls of shoes

Walking along the road

The tears leave the signs

Of a long journey undertaken in grief.

Children often run away from themselves

Like growing up too soon

Junk food lifestyle

That leaves the taste of despair

implanted into the heads of the young

So when they grow up too fast

They end up attacking the walls

That imprison their lives.


Remembrance of things past


Remembrance of things past

Nothing can ever last

You held me tight

Throughout the night

Then we awoke

Into the morning light


Dreams are all we had

We were never sad

I held you tight

Telling you things would be alright


Oh if I could live my life again

I wouldn’t change a thing

My friend

Remember all the good times we had?

I may cry tears

But I feel so glad


I wouldn’t change a thing

My friend

I wouldn’t change a thing

My friend

I may cry tears

But I feel so glad


You were the best love I ever had.





Perhaps I heard it on the radio

Read it in the papers,

Saw it on the television.

I really can’t remember all the facts

because the internet age makes all communication mute.


It is what I heard, read or saw

But I can’t be sure of myself in these moments of doubt.

The real me would know what to do and say

But he disappears behind smiles and laughter

I need to find all the facts on my existence


I heard, read or saw

Somewhere at sometime

That we are all –

equal parts of everything.



Failed Experiment


Sitting, he said quickly:

‘Bring your imagination here – I’ll drink it whole.’


You can’t argue,

With a man who can’t agree with himself


Can you?


‘The taste was bitter, like failed experiments.’


This was his only comment

You must agree

With a man who can cheat himself.


Can you?


I thought not,

My failed experiment.