Diffuse my once empty eyes

Let me weep with happiness.

Switch on life;

Let it wash over me

I whisper the word

You know it as: ‘Sonya’


I am born again

In a new, better world

A world called: ‘Sonya’


Rise from an early grave

I rise to see you

To see the person: ‘Sonya’


My mind is divided

One part: ‘Richard’

The other: ‘Sonya’


The street lay in the ground

As I walked along

Thinking of ‘Sonya’


I stood in my kitchen

Cooking words in my mouth

I hope you like them;

‘My Sonya’


Surreal Sonya


Paraffin girl

Who lights up my lonely nights

You are my cloak and dagger

I devour your words

So you dream

Of me in stereo

My wonder drug

Taken once in a lifetime

The effect is super real

My body weeps happy

At the thought of your touch

The thunder and lightning

Of your thoughts

I sail silent

Through time

To hold you

Perfect moment

Eternal in your beauty

All black and white

Surrender to colour

To fall under your gaze

The photograph

I never was

Taken by you.






I’m so comely and winsome,

and I’m very handsome

I’m my only wish

I am Narcissus.


When I see my reflection

I sigh in heaven

I’m my only wish

I am Narcissus.


I’ll never lie, and I’ll never deceive me

I only want to be me

I’m Narcissus.


Boy go out and get yourself a lover

Watch her turn into your mother.

I’m Narcissus.


I’m my only wish…

I am Narcissus.









As beautiful as sweet, sweet dreams

You are.


In the night

The moon appears to search

Every street, just to see you.


Under the forlorn gaze of the sighing moon

Even your shadow,

falls in love

With you.


and I know why.