The free believers


The free believers

add some velocity, to their lives, by disappearing between a wave of echoes

Brutal love designers know how to click on your internal effects

Your passion will be my music, for your problems outweigh my merits

Resurrected trigger finger, responds to all human parts.

Did you notice you were gone?

All the time you were gone, you were absent from yourself.

Replace you with me, at the production academy

What is on your hard drive?

It is time to show us


as you require,

A free believer.


News Alert


The human race threatens it own future,

Peace loving robots pose shirtless to prove they mean well

Court orders new faces for fashion victims


Edinburgh fringe cut short

Fake lovers abandon themselves

Electric seals see a brighter future


Typhoon protest holding breath

Cash suicide machine blows itself up and

all victims are refunded for their pain


White Christmas stolen

Rapist pensioner ‘could lose bus pass’

Obese face put up for auction


World peace has happened by mistake

it takes the United Nations maximum effort to fix this error

War breaks out inside your head.


Business as usual on the death front

War resumes its destructive tendencies

Everybody breathes a sigh of relief.


The rich get richer

The poor get poorer

The planet is still dying, and we can all relax with our own fears.







The smile not the laugh


It’s the smile not the laugh

As every Mona Lisa knows

Smiling from frame to frame in a photocopy world

Disappearing into middle distance

Fading into the past

Memories are the thumbprints on the canvas

The truthful lies we tell ourselves,

when no one is listening

So at last we despise what we have become.

The rain reflects the sadness of the day

Collected with sorrow in the puddles of missed opportunity.



Hailes Quarry Park


It just lies there in its own space

Hailes Quarry Park

I know it now, with footsteps

In day or night, I have travelled amongst itself

Usually alone as I travel from A to B

Which point of the compass shall I become?

The rising or setting sun will prevail in this measurement

The grass and trees, divided, so they feel no falseness

Travel along to where you are going

Step lightly, in the dawn of dreams

For the return will happen

When the time is right





Speak in silence


We knew a lot of things we could hardly understand

For discord struck from violent streets

What will you do when the phone rings?

We will meet across continents and years

Has anyone objections to make?

Because I forgive you, for everything yes.


I have heard the same confession many times since.

‘Tell them the truth. Tell them everything, so they will always know.’


Still you speak in silence.


The Final Curtain


Born in a time, not of your choosing

Parents not selected

or sex, or colour of skin

or eyes.


Name given to you

and you will

become your family

and background.


But your friends

liked you and even

when they disappointed you

It only hurt because they were friends


You grew with time and

you got new

friends as old feelings died

a school and job added to your existence


heartbreaking dreams and lonely nights

love brighter than the sun

heavenly choirs and divorces

bitter pills and angry tears


All these things real or imagined

happened and will continue

as you take a curtain call

until the applause stops

and the final curtain falls.









Plan B


Level up and start yourself esoteric and textural

No money? No problem

Two’s company in the frozen cortex of dreams

I’ve watched rooms full of selective musings

Attempt to make noise from a certified trainer

Hot hands rejoice as they push things further into the past

Shaking hands are vital for future deals

Make sure you have a Plan B

Exclusive hands-on sessions are passionate

as someone you know well

You write the problem

and become proud of it

I have experimented with rapture

I found it really helpful

People like to be asked

If their experience was all in vain.



The Blue Blazer


Sitting drinking life away in the Blue Blazer Pub

Edinburgh is outside in the rain

We are putting the world to rights

Nothing wrong with that.


Boozing into the hours of laughter

Now we are moaning about,

everybody we know

It makes us feel better.


One for the road

It is cold outside in Bread Street

Although the alcohol in our veins

makes us feel invincible.


We promise to meet up again

like we have hundreds of times

for more liquid dreams

in the immortality of the moment.